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Beautiful Social Media Content

Hi. I´m Birgitte a Swiss based designer and content creator.

A warm welcome to Curated Journey a visual platform displaying my private inspiration pictures and visual stories.

Why Start A Blog?
After visiting a resent fashion-event my quality content and aesthetic touch received some amazing compliments that did kick-start the idea to start of this blog.

Modern Photography
My coherent content portfolio
is developed in parallel to my design collections. A daring approach to Nordic simplicity is my signature trademark and I have strong passion for aesthetic photography.

Danish Heritage
I was Born in Denmark to Danish-American parents, and today I lead a fashionable family owned Danish design company located close to Copenhagen.

Design Aficionado
Mwell-founded design background is covering fields like flower design, Haute Couture textiles, accessory design and styling. I have a international design background including supreme design schools in Italy, the UK and Denmark.

Let´s Collaborate
Make sure to leave a message at the contact page
If you have an idea for a potential business collaborations or
have related questions.

I hope you enjoy my curated journey.